Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Playing Ninjas with Dana Linn Bailey

They had a big party last night... at the Warhouse Gym.
I met Dana again and we talked excitedly about their new play areas that had big metal swings hanging from the roof and large areas of trampolines and soft mattresses where people could jump around and do tricks :)

Dana said that the Key to her happiness in bodybuilding (and life in general) was the Feeling of freedom that she had when she swung high up in the air and didn't let herself fall... her arms hurt and she felt sick sometimes but she never quit when it got hard, she always stayed up there until She Was Ready to come down. She never came back down if she felt bad or sick, she always enjoyed her stay up there and that's why she kept going back. That's what kept her hungry for more.

I asked: "But isn't it a constant struggle then? Don't you wish it could be easier and don't you miss the feeling of just letting go of everything and just flying through the air (for a short while)?"

Dana: "No, that's not what it's about, no no no... what I do up there might feel hard on the joints at first but the point IS to let go of the hurt! The point IS to stop focusing on the circumstances and the situation and... START focusing on the Feelings you have up there! It's actually a wonderful way to teach yourself to think more clearly and to Focus on just ONE THING. What ever you choose it to be... and don't worry if you fall or if your mind wanders. It's all good. You can't get it wrong and you'll never get it done. Right ;)"

Me: "Right! :)"

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