Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super human

"If I want to be Free I have to be Me."

I've kept the habit of eating between 11am and 8pm. Once a week I eat whatever and whenever... usually between 9am and 9pm. This has worked WELL. I've lost fat, I feel good and I don't have to worry about drinking coffee through the day, I just have a couple of cups in the morning... sometimes two more later in the day. Food is good, it has a taste and I'm not bloated or in pain for eating fun stuff every now and then :)
My point is that by NOT scheduling most of my day with different snacks and things to do with my mouth I can test my theory on "not controlling my time but controlling my actions" as a means to a more fulfilling lifestyle and a more giving way to live.
Sure, just by eating like a wolf few times a day doesn't make all the difference but right now I'm all in when it's about Finding and Testing new ways to better the lives of Others around me. I'm not doing ALL this just to have a nicer corner in My life but to give Others in my life and around my life a chance to see a better me and a more thankful me ;)
Eventually, the feeling of thankfulness and happiness will stick. My positive energy will not go to waste :)

So we drift into my workouts now... I'm still at it with the "squat. every. day." program. I'm well into my second week and it has worked just fine with me. I mostly do the workout right after work or around lunch time. If I have to do it after 7pm I usually push my last meal of the day as far as I have to. I don't need to hurt myself by sticking to a schedule that doesn't work every day. I can DO whatever I want. That said, I can BE whoever I want and HAVE whatever I want :)
It's all up to Me and My abilities.
It's the same with you!
Never tell yourself that you "can't" or "probably can't". Just BE the person you want to be. Don't slow down - - - Calm down.

The program:

I encourage you to try crazy stuff like this in your life Don't do it with anger or pain. Just have fun and see where the journey takes you. I'm positive that you will find a new way to look at life in general if you just move out of your box and climb out of your foxhole ;)

Have fun and stop blaming others for your boring life ;)
You know what I'm talking about.

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