Sunday, June 12, 2016

A night with Mr. Spock

I spent last night with Mr. Spock.
I haven't really talked to him before so I was quite surprised to find him in my bed. We slept really well and had the most exciting talks when we woke up.

We were on a cruise (again... I should go on a real one since I see dreams about it all the time) and all the rooms were overbooked. Actually, I had heard that Captain Picard was there too and most of the crew from USS Enterprise. I was really hoping to find a chance to talk to some of them. I really wanted to thank them for helping me find my place in the solar system :)

My talks with Spock were mostly very calm and about the characteristics of "humans in bounds". We didn't go into detail about which humans we were talking about but I understood that he wanted to get his message clear: "No one, no man or woman, will ever be happy and free if they live their lives strictly by the guidelines of others."

Later last night I was sitting in a helicopter (MI-8) and we were just rolling down the streets of a big city. The engines were off and we had some kinds of battery operated, special wheels that moved us forward. There were hundreds of buttons and switches all over the cockpit and passenger area. Most of us were old mechanics and felt the need to keep touching the buttons and talking about the fun memories we had with that old lady (I think it was HS-5)... Before we arrived at our destination, I climbed upstairs (it seemed to be a double-decker bus type of a helicopter) and got a few bottles of red wine to go. There were a lot of bottles and old oil paintings up there. It even seemed that someone lived there. I saw a bed and a stack of books by the window. I remember wondering out loud "now what kind of person would choose to live in a moving vehicle and collect all this stuff just so they could give it away for free?" :)
I woke up with a smile.

It sure was nice to talk with Mr. Spock. He was really fit! Gosh, he must have been only a hundred years old or something ;)
Great pecs on a Vulcan <3

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