Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A weak back and abs

Since I only weigh around 56kg these mornings I feel weak when it comes to chin ups and sorts...


I started doing chin ups daily. I keep my legs Straight so my whole body is straight and stiff. I keep my arms wide and my palms face forward. I do not touch the ground between lifts.

It's so hard :D

Right now I can do 2. Then I have to take a breather and rest after every single one. I aim for 10 per day. But ALL of them are those "perfect" stiff versions.


Because I can. And because I'm looking for strength right now. I need to get my bench press back to 60kg (and higher). I'm stuck at 52,5kg and it's annoying :D

I look good but I'm not strong so I keep fighting. After this week I'll practice 3 times a week and I'll be ready by the time I hit 20 reps ;)

By then we'll see how gigantic my bench press max will be XD

My abs feel tight and unhappy, too. It's time to give them some attention they haven't gotten for months now. I'm giving myself 13 days to get them in line and back to supporting my torso. I'm using short exercises and mostly clever breathing. I'm also stretching my thighs and glutes daily. It doesn't even take much time. Mostly just 5min after a shower or before bed.
(Yesterday I did my stretches at work while waiting for the copying machine to spit out my material.)

It's too late to any stretches in bed :) I usually just forget about everything when the pillow hits my head...

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