Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Drop the act. Get Results that STICK!

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How often have you told yourself (this year) that you love YOU?
Can you even say it?

I couldn't. Not for years I think...
I couldn't even whisper it in the sauna... but I got sick of living like that. I got sick of not being enough for everyone, I got sick of being told how to act and how to live...

I got a kick in the butt from my good friend and I suddenly dropped the act.

No one ever really told me how to live. NO one ever really thought bad things about me, atleast they didn't have the guts to say it to my face ;)

So what the fxck was wrong with my life?


Nothing has ever been wrong with anything. Everything is and will be as perfect as I am. We are all perfect beings and we DECIDE how we feel about things and circumstances and people... We MAKE the world around us.

So if nothing was wrong why did I sometimes feel not worthy and sometimes laugh my head off and live like a queen? Well... that's just the way I had learned to live. Being a Finn I'm expected to suffer like crazy now and then and being a female I'm supposed to have bad days. What a bunch of BS! ...but I ate it all and asked for more.

No more :)

Find your calling in life, forgive yourself for all the shit you've been through and drop the act. YOU are not a victim. You MUST and WILL take 100% control of YOUR life and start to enjoy it to the fullest!

Check out some of the blog texts on http://www.proctorgallagherinstitute.com/blog
and start your journey toward a more fulfilling and grateful life ;)
I promise it will be worth it.


If you want to check out some of their programs on self improvement go check this out:
It will not cost a thing. Listen to the videos and start taking extra care of your life. It's the only one you'll probably have, for a while now.

"It takes six minutes to success" to make a difference in your days.. I like it. I've been listening to the videos even while I workout and reading about the stuff they talk about all year now. It's really worth putting your mind into and even more, it's really relaxing to start to understand that it only takes a few, simple, little steps to make a huge start and a big difference in you life.

You CAN feel better every day if you simply choose to live that way!

Get results you'll love to share!


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