Monday, April 18, 2016

My car is better than Rob Bailey's RV -so what

My obsession with people and things are nothing small...

The electric car that BMW is working on and producing has gotten my eye... (it can be bought -used- here in Finland for about 150 000€)

I love the i8.

I want it in white and with a female computer that will greet me every time I enter the car :)

Dream big, get obsessed and create your own reality!

I was just talking to Rob Bailey in a dream about a month ago and he said something that doesn't really open up here but in my mind, he opened a new door.
We were standing around in a street. I think it was outside his Warhouse Gym.
I asked him how cold the weather was. He said it was probably +2 or +4 degrees Celsius.
I looked at my white i8 that I had parked next to Rob's old and rundown RV (hah!) and wondered:
"Do you think my car will start?"
Rob: "Of course."

It was the tone of his voice that really made the DIFFERENCE.
He KNEW my car would start. He wasn't guessing or being polite.

It's exactly that kind of thinking that I get from Rob. He mentors me into becoming my OWN success story. I don't have to care about what others think or about "their crap, misfortunes or success". None of that matters in MY life. 
My life is what I make of it. I should not GUESS how to live it. I will just do my BEST and enjoy the rest ;)

That's why I love him <3

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