Monday, April 18, 2016

It's my Birthday and I'm Celebrating it with Rob Bailey!

So I'm 40-ish...
Well, now I float somewhere over there in the mid bits of my potential lifeline...
It has been said and often proven that the MOST effective and glorious time in a person's life is between 40 and 60 (give or take a decade).

So I'm closing in on the golden pot!!! :D
I have 38 loops behind me and all I have to do is circle the sun ONE MORE TIME and I can start on my 40th loop-de-loop!!! JEEEEEEEE!!! :D

I got breakfast in bed this morning.
I had just finished a dream with Rob Bailey where he showed me some stuff NO-ONE knows yet!
I love this when I get to see his world before he publishes it... I've had dreams like this before and it is really FREAKY when the stuff actually happens in real life! Kind of scary, too.

I can tell you some of the stuff but I'll keep to myself the really cool stuff that I want to see happen later.

In my dream, I sent Rob a WhatsApp message asking him how he was feeling and what he had been doing today. I knew he's a busy man so I wasn't expecting him to answer but he actually called me back on video and we talked for a while. He was at Flag nor Fail and he showed me the new line of prints he had been working on for a while now. It was "just" prints but I knew the message on the shirts was far greater than just the words printed on them. He was getting ready to edit a video explaining the messages and thoughts that created the prints.

I remember how EXCITED he was :)
He was tired and he had been up for several nights working on his passion. He was so happy and "drunk on life" that I got all excited  :)
(I felt like a hundred million bucks after I woke up this morning.)

The prints were awesome. The message was clear and short. But it took Rob an hour to explain it on his youtube channel --> He kept wondering off to other subjects and his cameraman didn't really stop him. But the longer video actually helped. People could REALLY SEE and HEAR how much work a man can put into his dreams when he REALLY wants to make a point in life!

There's a big change coming and I feel privileged to be in the front line when it comes :)
Before the call ended I saw what Rob's public life looked like in the future. He has an exciting future floating closer and closer and there's no doubt about it. This "big secret" I'll keep to myself. Just like I'll keep to myself the prints he has coming out. They might not be the NEXT prints but I'll keep my eyes open and simply wait. They are coming.

My dreams are my dreams. My energy waves INSIDE my brain. But who knows, RB might be seeing the same dreams ;)

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