Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's new?

Last October I had my body checked. (InBody analysis)
Fat%: 17,9%
Muscle mass: 27,4kg
Me: 59,3kg

This Tuesday I did it again.
Fat%: 14,7%
M.m: 27,5kg
Me: 57,4kg

My legs have grown <3
I know, I know... I could have done better. I could be bigger. I said it several times myself: I eat too little.

So what.

This is where I am and this is where I continue :)
It's so much easier to keep going now that I know how my body reacts to (this) food and (this) training in this moment in time...

To simplify things:
I lost FAT and gained some muscle just by eating and training to a plan I found on the internet and I haven't even been pushing it to the max! :) I haven't been a robot or a maniac. I've just lived my life. And I've enjoyed it <3

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