Friday, February 6, 2015

I am One

Aaagh. Chest day.
I'm in pain.

The more I train and the better I get the more I want this lifestyle. I have so much and still I need to change things around and Build. I am just an amateur but I am all me. All the things that make me Me are In me as well as all around me. I'm a combination of time and space. Memories of days before float around in my brain and change the way I see things today. Dreams haunt me as well as bring me joy in the darkest nights. 

I choose the hard way not because it gives me more, I choose it because I am me.

I am me.


Chest day. Not a priority to a lot of women.

It only hurts so bad because I did my back earlier.... all them little muscles are still trying to recover back there and now they were all called back to work again...

It sure looks like I won't be needing any training for my abs tonight. ;)
(I still had my 15min cardio waiting for me)

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