Saturday, July 16, 2016


I think so much these days that I wear myself out.
I'm so tired some days that I need more than 12h of sleep at night.
I listen to motivational videos and lectures on YouTube... I Think about my life and Why I want the things that I want.
I enjoy every day of my life and I Live every day in Love with my life.

And I'm exhausted. :)

But So Happy.

How... how can this be?

First I THINK.
I choose what I want and why.

Then I Focus on the Good. On All the good I already have. That's all.
Forget about the rest. It's unimportant.

The last thing to do is to relax and allow it to come. All the good. I want good things, I have good things and I want it to stay that way.

So I live in Goodness.
I live like I want to live.


Try it.
It's so gooood.... :D

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