Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Since I sold my old bike I've had a constant daydream about getting a new one.
Something old or old looking...
Café racers do the trick.

Beautiful design meets, well, a motorcycle. :)

I can't say much about the rideability but it was never (all) about safety with my first one either.


I like my engines naked.

I'm more an Enjoyment rider than a Gonna ride no matter what -rider.
I don't look for trouble when I'm out on two wheels but sometimes it has found me ;)

This pic of Ryan on a bike in South Africa  (movie set, Safe house) really moves me. I love the change of light and shadow behind him and the relaxed position he's in. The colours are warm and the retro feel of the picture really woke up my imagination today.

I need an engine to ride ;)

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