Monday, July 11, 2016


Now there's a word that has a nice ring to it.
Maybe you feel the same way or maybe your understanding of the word is different.

Where ever you are in your understanding of Attitude please let it be a positive word in your life :)
Let it rule your days and make a difference in your future life ;)

Begin your day with a good attitude and be grateful for what you have: a new day!
And yes, it's All Yours! ;)

Keep your attitude fresh and happy. Don't let others rain on your beautiful day/life.
They have no business walking over other people's happy moments.

If you get mangled or stomped on Just Get Up! :)
It nothing more but your attitude that eventually lifts you up from just anything.
Be happy where you are now and soon you'll notice that you are happy where ever you want to be ;)

And if you're anything like me: watch Deadpool and go into a trance for weeks :D
Gosh I have to listen to its soundtrack everyday and watch the movie every week <3
(I might have a thing for Ryan, too.)

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