Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Save a Marriage?

I’m quite married… to myself.

It’s a horrible fight sometimes to keep myself happy. Most of the time it would just be easier to have a guide book or a long stick to keep Me out of my way…
Just like today. I got a ton of stuff done BUT it took forever and eventually (when I REALLY looked at what I had done…) it didn’t seem like much.
I had been stuck to the frelling computer  for hours (!) and I hadn’t made much more than a mess…
I felt like shit.
I didn’t want to talk about it with my husband.
Who would?
But WAIT! I have to share my life with him! It’s the whole POINT of Living together!
So there I sat… waiting for him to come home and feeling like shit. I spent most of the day online and got nothing done. I thought I found a new way to shop and save money but all my good leads got cut off by some stupid “we’re not interested in non-American’s…”
That got me thinking: What if I would spend the rest of my time (about 2 hours) to fix as much as I could by making him dinner, feeling good about him coming home and remembering all the good things in life (we have many, You do too!)
I felt much better and I’m sure you would, too :)
My worries melted away and by feeling Grateful about the Good things in life I could concentrate on fixing whatever I felt like was wrong. My problems simply melted away!

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