Sunday, May 8, 2016

How I survived my joint pains after giving birth

I didn't give birth the natural way of waiting 'til the end and popping the baby out in any way I could.
We had a cesarian.
It didn't cause any problems. Actually, I believe it was the safest and most precise birthing I could have ever had. It was clear from the start that I was getting a planned operation. Not a rushed operation. :)
Thank gosh, I got it.

Nursing was really not my thing but I practised and kiddo loved it so we kept at it and he got his milk until he was about 7 months old... from there on I started bottle feeding him (he was bottle fed from the start, too, so it was nothing new to him) and I started getting HORRIBLE joint pains in my wrists and shoulders and hips (?!) and BACK. It was just too much to cuddle him every few hours, But kiddo LOVED being held and We loved having him close... so I tried and tried but changing the way I hold him or the side he was on or biting my lip... nothing helped 'cause I was WEAK to the CORE. Sure I was fit as a cat but after the cesarian, I took 1,5 months off from everything and just ate right and went on walks. I loved the way my body was coming back but I didn't love the way I had NO TIME to get out of the house every day and get FITTER and BETTER.

I tried a lot of different "quick tricks" and changed my diet around every month but eventually, it was in the SMALL MUSCLES and LITTLE MOVEMENTS that saved my body from going totally chronicle...
Yoga and Pilates helped me in more ways than I can even admit to myself... After all that bodybuilding and eating like an animal and being crazy and loud... after all that and having a wonderful little boy--- this mother turned into a New Mom.
And I keep living that New Mom life every day :)

So DO NOT give up if you are suffering from joint pains or your loved one is (but doesn't have the guts to admit it). The movements "of a neutral spine" can and WILL help anyone, man or woman, even children, to focus on the little muscles that we all need to support our body!

Never give up and always stay thankful about your Good Day!

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