Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mardi Gras

Yep... it's Mardi Gras Tuesday tomorrow.
We could do all sorts of cool and crazy stuff... go running/jogging with a mass of people in a park at 7am,
see the first parade at 8am (they go on all day in different areas)
have a long picnic/brunch at 10am...

But njääh... I think we'll just get some milk in the morning, have a long lunch, give kiddo a bath, do some weird "at home baby yoga" (it's mostly just playing with small cars while stretching) and I'll do some writing while kiddo sleeps his nap. The parenting center http://www.chnola.org/parentingcenter
is closed this Tuesday so we could take the bike and ride/jog to the big park later in the afternoon :)
We go to the parenting center to let kiddo play with toys (they have a big play room and a big yard) and other kids. It's a members only thing so it's clean, safe and big :)

But when Wednesday finally comes... uuuuhhh ;)
The gym opens and I'll hit the weights again around 9am.
It's new, it's fun and I'm loving it! Morning work outs! It's not super early, it's just 9am but to me it is EARLY!
Usually I train at 8pm so it's definitely different :)

This week is especially hard 'cause I'll have to train Wed-Thu-Fri. Not Mon-Wed-Fri. Hmmm.... squatting every day, every damn day.
I know I can do it. I know it will be horrible at some point, but I can do it.
I just need to remember that the rest of the week needs food, lots and lots of real, clean food :)
And maybe a day in the NOLA insectarium (and the zoo and the aquarium, it's cheaper that way)




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