Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Clean skin, no bloating and a SIDE INCOME!

I have walked many paths, swam my way through swamps (of fitness) and challenged my body by surprising it with "anytime, anywhere" experiences. My journey towards a healthier body and a longer, more powerful life has been quite a "try and see how it goes" festival... gosh, sometimes I wonder how I do it.

It could have been a lack of self-confidence WHY I tried it all or just the sum of hard research that I took as facts... even when I tried soups, ketosis, cave man diet, "Geek to Freak", going vegan, visualization, eat like a hog -days, "eat and forget", pizza nights (this is always nice!) and every special diet I could find that involved some kind of self-limitation, self-liberation, surprising my body daily, guilt about my body, mental domination, mental collapse, etc ... and what did I got out of all this...? Well, at least a lot of experiences and understanding that whatever I do, my dear old BODY is always there and fully involved, because there is no other option! (Sorry for that body.)
Last year (2016) I was more and more serious about my goals and the main goal was (again) to change my body with the guidance of a professional PT so that I could grow my muscle mass and transform in a healthy and natural way. But for 6 months I was struggling to follow the program. I was enthusiastic about believing in both myself and the process and that my body would just begin to grow and develop as it was designed to do, since I could NOT be worse than others, or inferior? Right? I put a lot of money in this progress and believed in the process and I truly believed that my dream will BE DELIVERED to me, for money was being used! Right?!

Half a year of reporting, six meals a day, occasional delights (on road trips), no alcohol, serious training, and fierce belief in myself and the purity of my goals: I was exhausted both physically and mentally. Everything went in the wrong direction or completely the different direction than I believed and wanted... My muscles did not grow, my weight stood in the same place every morning. One could say that the shit had hit the fan and walls and gone out the window... I quit training after Christmas. I had to accept that I could no longer be helped. I was in the same weight as I had been in the summer and all I got out of this experience was really expensive poo and piss. I was really sad and tired. I hated some of it and felt stupid about all of it since all I had left was my thin body with a balloon of a belly and it did not make me feel beautiful.
My skin was pretty awful, pimples appeared all over my face and shoulders, and my skin was completely dry and itchy. The horrible itching was the worst because when the skin felt dry and itchy, I would scrach it with my nails and especially the skin on my face just got worse. I said to myself that it was the price that has to be paid when eating a lot of protein. (Idiot!) But the truth was (it was obviously very clear) that although my dinner plate had potential for a large amount of protein, it did not melt in my stomach and it did not absorb in my guts. I did not eat 6 times a day in my body's opinion. My body thought I was in constant malnutrition and it shouted after more and more food, craving delicacies and quick solutions ... even though I ate "a lot" I was constantly hungry. My stomach was a balloon and I had gas problems throughout the day. I would only wear loose fitting sweat pants 'cause they didn't hurt the skin on my belly :(
I hated myself secretly and I did not understand my state.
"Traditional training" did not go wrong on itself, but if my ineffectiveness of nutrient absorption had BEEN TESTED/NOTICED before hand I would have saved a lot of time and money (sometimes I think of that year as the BIG lesson to be GREATER with My clients!). Now, when you think about things correctly, fortunately, there was no damage to my body since I was "quick" to decide and quit. I am happy (NOW) that I learned this lesson at an early point in my life and I hope that my story hits your eyes BEFORE you are in the same state where I was last winter:

- almost finished with my fitness and unsuccessful lifting
- sad in my daydreams and tired every day
- spending several times in the bathroom pooping
- sleeping like crap and spending hours every night awake
- stiff in the morning and sloppy in the evening
- skin like a sick, allergic pizza with a side serving of monkey's ass (sorry, but I am talking about myself)
- desperate for the future to get better but only able to visualize a healthier life "someday" ...
(Thank goodness I did not give up!)

What I still fear sometimes is that the horrible tiredness will come back. I know I can keep it away but it was probably the number one monster in my life. I could not focus when I was tired and that ment that I lost EVERYTHING. I did not remember things and I did not Feel anything. :(
When my life felt like a long bus ride to the cemetary, I was not sure what to do with it. My stomach looked and felt awful. Life was not easy, but I tried to LOVE IT. I believed that a solution was just behind the door, or the next corner. I felt like I could find it... oh, if I could just FOCUS on finding it. There were so many times that I said to myself:
And so it happened! I was in a business meeting at my studio in March and at the same time -by chance- there was a FitLine product demonstration in the adjoining cafeteria space. Literally behind that one door!!! :D

I went there after my own meeting, I participated in a body measurement test and got the results immediately: no proper absorption, Ph balance like a cola bottle (Joke but so true, too.), fiber deficiency, vitamin E = lost, iron missing (I was breathing heavily just getting up to first floor. I used to think I'm just not a cardio person, but this was not the case), my bones slowly disappearing, and B6 basically dead... there were a lot more crocodiles in my pond than this but you get the point. I wondered out loud: "HOW CAN IT BE, for I had stopped all supplements in order to bring myself back to health by just eating proper food!" I had decided to eat fresh and local food and had left alcohol completely (again) so I would definitely eat all 4 meals a day and no glass of wine would make me choose othervise...
Well. I had to admit it. In the previous year, it was all about telling my PT: "this shit won't absorb", it had been my clearest comment on my gut activity, and even though I thought it was just a "sensitivity" factor or even a "weakness" in my body, it was in fact only a disfunction. THANK GOODNESS IT WAS FULLY CUREABLE AND FAST TO FIX -IN MY CASE!

I ordered an easy solution for myself, because in that fuzzy brain cloud I could not even stop a taxi:
I got the FitLine Optimal Set (for 3 months) and Self-Prepared Yogurt Drink. I decided to make this easy for myself because I had already decided that I would get everything I needed, as long as I know what I want. And I did not just want a healthy gut and beautiful skin on my face, I wanted:
- Courage to appear publicly without makeup
- To feel good about walking around in little outfits feeling beautiful
- Have the feeling of well-being and intensity when I go to the gym to train
- A zero excuse to avoid a smile because it used to hurt my face (if you can identify with it, you understand how much the pimples can hurt)
- A zero excuse to go camping, take a long car ride or relax at a spa
-> I wanted to get my wonderful, healthy, lively and beloved life back, which I remember owning earlier on in life!

You may now ask, "How soon did you start seeing results and what were they?"
Facial skin: itching disappeared in half a week. I did not change my face creams (I used my baby's butt cream, it was the only one that helped) or make-up removers.
Coffee craving: It was gone the morning after the first evening DRINK. So I did not even boil coffee that morning, eventhough I usually drank 3 cups before breakfast! Nowadays I can enjoy my coffee as a luxury <3
Swelling of the stomach and uncomfortable feeling in the evening: At the beginning my swelling was THE WORST EVER, about 93cm around the navel. In the morning, it was no more than 77cm (now I'm 70cm). So there was no horror show and gas chamber action in the stomach anymore! In half a week my body no longer produced swelling, and with a couple of weeks of active drinking, my body has returned to the wonderful fitness model I love being :)
After a gigantic barbecue meal + right after and the day after: We visited (I was about 3 weeks in with FitLine) aa big party where there was a whole pig being grilled and lots of heavy salads and various cheese cakes and all the wonderful things on display and offered to enjoy. I ate like a wolf and I did not get any problems during the evening (my husband ate much less than me, but he felt stuffed). In the morning I was already in the normal state of mind and body like I had now gotten used to ;) and I was enjoying my big breakfast while my husband was still unable to eat because he was full from the previous evening meal!
Skin on my shoulders and on the rest of my body: The "eternity scars" that always rubbed up against shirts disappeared the first weekend. The skin repairs itself all the time and I sure saw it happen! There was no itching and scratching involved anymore. As I added the Right Supplements to My Diet, my skin did not react to my internal problems since there were none! I did not scratch myself any more and all the pimples and little open scars started to close immediately. My body was getting better and more beautiful! (Just like I had wanted!)
Oxygen + breathing while walking: I have not really considered myself a runner. Everything on my body either feels like it's going to come loose or fall off or what ever... I hated being out of my comfort zone so my jogging looked very much like walking... and I have never really considered my lungs so "big" that they would endure long runs. Cooper tests have always been done more or less in my anger-mode (I often visualized zombies on the track. No wonder I hated running tests over everything). Now I can run and jog as I like, and I enjoy the feeling :) I'm really joyfully surprised when I compare my previous style of avoiding all the walking and running. As I now run and jog, talk or work, I do not feel like I'm out of breath anymore. Even when I'm carrying a big massage table or other bags up the stairs :)
BURNING FAT AND TONING: OMG! I am straight forward here: this is not a promise by the PM-international company who made this shit! But I'll tell MY truth about it now! When my body was given the right combination of vitamins and elements and fibers and the whole circus, I started to lose FAT in a matter of weeks! The areas that looked like orangepeals or had cottage cheese in 'em (my own opinion is always the worst, but so is the speed of its change!) like thighs, arms, butt cheeks and stomach, suddenly started to be solid, non-hanging, wonderfully smoother skin! I feel was so-so-sexy now!
Recovery from Training: This was anticipated, but I did not realize it would be so CLEAR. I had been tracking my training for a while and I now started journaling in the training calendar that "DOMS = 0" or "fully recovered -> add weights and sets?" I was able to go to bed at night and be sure that I can wake up the next morning without stiffness or other training limitations :) What I used to think as a sign of hard training, was only a poor nutrition reserve in my body. Now that my body gets more NUTRITION through its digestion system, it does not have to empty out (for example) my bones or muscles during the night to recover from the workouts that had actually been designed to build me stronger and Bigger!
Sleeping and resting: Well ... this ended up all the way down here, even though it was the first thing I noticed, the big surprise of the FIRST night! So, on the first night I got the products home late in the evening. I put 3 scoops of Restorate in a glass of water, went to sleep and woke up in the morning after 8h (as my alarm rings!). I did not have to go to bed to wait for a miracle that would save me from all the toilet trips, I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the sealing for two hours when you can not sleep and you do not have the focus to concentrate on anything. There was no need to think in the morning that this night would be compensated by napping somewhere between lunch and training. I always start my mornings consciously with gratitude and move on to slow and relaxing stretches. After a single use of RESTORATE, I was REALLY grateful and did not have to come up with any outside thoughts that would have been the focus of my gratitude. I was already living in my wonderful body, this was one of my gratitude destinations (and I used to think I need a PT to reach it)!
Just think that my journey was just in its beginning stages and I had already seen such huge changes in my life after a month's use!
After three months of use, I have leveled off to live a healthier, free-er and more relaxed life and I can concentrate my weight trainig to 2-3 times a week as well as adding outdoor exercises (functional training) to my weekly routines. My body takes the FEEDBACK quite differently than before, I have gained weight and still kept my body fat low!
I SAVE a considerable amount of money in grocery shopping, because I do not have to pay for food that will only get pooped out. I can eat less, enjoy my meals and be sure that I can identify if I'm REALLY hungry.
The money I put in nutritional supplements (under 3€/day) comes back to me in many ways as more Power and Joy of life.
Since you've read this far, I want to congratulate you on feeling interest in getting the same achievements or even something BETTER!
Please contact me directly so we can talk about what YOU want to change in YOUR life and physical health: miia@sheisaleader.com
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For your best body,
Miia Hämäläinen

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